The key to delivering outstanding holidays and exceptional service is having the best team in the business. A team of dedicated specialists renowned for having the finest skills, knowledge and contacts in the industry.

At Experiential Travel Journeys this is what we strive to be, for every client, and every journey.

When you connect with us, you deal and connect with one dedicated specialist (we designate them as Travel Designers) from start to end, who remains your single point of contact throughout the trip planning and execution process. He always maintains a close, but discreet follow-up and remains in touch while you are enjoying your private journey through foreign lands and seas, till the time you return home and are ready to share your memories.

We look beyond technology. We bring the human touch. Our personal approach delivers where technology cannot, as every journey begins with a personal telephone call or direct email from which your bespoke experience develops, expertly curated by us.

When you talk or connect with us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge; the eyes and ears of the world of travel.

We’re not a website search engine. We’re real people, in real offices – and it’s our people and their travel expertise that set us apart from the rest.

Our Team at Experiential Travel Journeys has one thing in common: a love of travel, exploring the world, discovering new places.

Meet Real People.


Private Travel Designer, Founder & CEO


Amit has been in the travel & tourism business for over 28 years. An MBA in International Marketing and an alumini of Delhi Public School and FORE School of Management, Amit joined the Travel and Tourism industry at an early age way back in 1993. Thereafter he successfully pursued studies and attended trainings, seminars, conferences, trade-fairs covering various aspects & segments of the industry including airlines, hotels, cruises and destination promotions.

Having worked & experienced in practically all segments of the industry, Amit decided to move out of the “Jack of all Trades” scenario to becoming a specialist for the rest of the time that he remains and continues to serve the industry. This is when he joined World’s leading provider of Luxury Travel “Abercrombie & Kent” as it’s India head for outbound private travel in 2010.

After having served A&K for close to 4 years, it was in 2014 when he decided to pursue his passion to a more specialised role and launched Experiential Travel Journeys Pvt. Ltd. as a provider of high-end experiential tailor-made travel to destinations worldwide and serve discerning travellers who are seeking farther, deeper, engaging and meaningful travel, with personalised services and attention to detail.

Since his foray into high-end experiential travel, he has established worldwide connections with a similar community of specialists (pureists) who are the best in business and also the handling agents for Amit’s clients into their respective destinations. He works in close co-ordination with these people to design, plan and execute experiences which are pure, authentic, inspirational & life-changing for his clients.

He has also built a portfolio of hand-picked hotels, resorts, villas, lodges, camps, chalets, cruise ships, luxury homestays and apartments which not only offer the best in comfort, convenience, facilities but also experiences which qualifies them to be on his list.

Amit has always believed that Luxury in Travel with material comforts has no depthness, it gives a feeling of emptiness unless we add experiences to it which comes from our interactions, connections with local people, it’s culture, diversity in nature, history, heritage, food and adventure. 

He himself is a committed and a passionate traveller and has accumulated an extensive portfolio of knowledge and connections in organising unique travel experiences for discerning clients from his travels and his continuing work in the industry. 

Amit has a small, but a hands-on team of mavericks (like himself) to assist him with his day to day operations.

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Private Travel Designer, Director


She has been with travel trade for over 15 years and is passionate about travelling and exploring newer places around the world, meeting new people, interacting with them, and understanding their culture.

She started her career in the travel industry after completing her Post Graduation in Tourism. During her long spanning career, she worked with renowned brands in the travel trade in diverse segments, which helped her gain in-depth knowledge of varied requirements and expectations of today’s discerning traveller.

Before joining Experiential Travel Journeys, she worked with Abercrombie & Kent (A&K), an award winning company in luxury travel, for 8 years. She was Head of Sales & Operations for their FIT (Leisure) outbound division known as “Private Travel”, focusing on tailor-made trips for individuals, multi-generational family groups and meeting expectations of the most discerning travellers.

She firmly believes that Luxury is not only associated with staying at 5 star-rated hotels, it is also about authentic, life-changing Experiences which are gained with overall conceptualizing, planning and formulation of the entire trip. Understanding the requirements of discerning clients is the key to offer them appropriate suggestions and making their holiday memorable.

Her favorite destinations comprise all regions in Africa, Australasia, Europe – especially Italy, France, Portugal and eastern European countries as well as off the beaten path destinations like Jordan and Morocco. She has traveled extensively to most places of interest, which helps her in crafting authentic and life-changing experiences and journeys for her clients.

She is an integral part of the ETJ team and will be pleased to help you put together an Experiential Travel Journey of your Lifetime.

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